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A Testimonial by M. Singh

A Testimonial by M. Singh

I have owned a number of Tom Fletcher’s turntables and arms, dating back from the mid eighties. I have owned a Mentor, Mentor Reference and my previous turntable; the Dais with all the trimmings.

I have listened at length to the Anna and Deco, but for me the Dias represented a good compromise of musicality and cost effectiveness so I stuck with it. I stuck with it until I heard the new Fletcher Omega Point 5 and Zero arm combination.

I try to listen to as much live music as I can, and when I first heard the Fletcher Audio combination, I was at once reminded of the “alive” qualities present through this deck, on most of my vinyl, even studio albums were presented with a hitherto unheard musical quality.

I still had the Dais turntable, but listening to it after experiencing the Omega Point 5 was such a let down that I sold it.
In my view, the Fletcher Audio Omega Point 5 is extremely dynamic, detailed and neutral. Somehow all the unwanted energy generated during music replay is dissipated so effectively, that the music stands out totally unhindered. I am told that it’s all to do with the choice of materials used and the clever design bits under the skin, like the bearing for example. Apparently, this results in a very, very in-phase signal from the deck, which in turn translates to clarity and speed, the likes of which I have never heard before.

The Zero arm is absolutely brilliant. It is so good that it reminds me of Tom’s parallel trackers but without their inherent problems, like sticking in awkward grooves.
Overall I am absolutely delighted with the combination and having followed Tom’s work for 25 years, this Fletcher Audio turntable and arm is a massive improvement on any of my previous turntables.

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