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“Agile, detailed and fun
Play an album such as Nirvana’s Nevermind and the Point 5 delivers an energetic sound that combines fluidity, stability and authority brilliantly.”

HI-FI World Review on Omega Point 5

Compliments of RAFAEL TODES, for HI-FI WORLD, December 2010 Edition If this sounds more like an obituary than a review, I apologise, but the Fletcher Audio Omega is the product of Tom Fletcher’s (formerly the designer and owner of Nottingham Analogue) final few years of work, and is as such the crowning legacy of a…
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Tom Fletcher – The man behind Nottingham Analouge

Tom, whose father was a pioneering engineer, worked on his first Lathe at the very tender age of 7! By the age of 12, he was workshop foreman for 10 other Engineers. When he was about 16 years old, Tom and a couple of mates sneaked into a Nottingham pub to try and get served…
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A Testimonial by M. Singh

I have owned a number of Tom Fletcher’s turntables and arms, dating back from the mid eighties. I have owned a Mentor, Mentor Reference and my previous turntable; the Dais with all the trimmings. I have listened at length to the Anna and Deco, but for me the Dias represented a good compromise of musicality…
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